Site Advisory Council

The Notre Dame Site Advisory Council is an active leadership group who serves primarily as an advisory body to the principal and also works in collaboration and with our parishes and the GRACE System to set the strategic direction for our school.

The SAC meets on the last Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm on campus. Parents are welcome to attend.

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Next Meeting:

All are welcome to attend

Site Advisory Council Members:

  • Fr. Mike Ingold and Fr. Matt Faucett:  Pastor St. Mary/St. Francis Parishes
  • Sarah Schwarten: SAC Chair
  • Christine Scharer:  Secretary
  • Dave Krutz: Treasurer
  • Cathy Goehre: Home & School Chair
  • Gaby Mulva: Spirituality
  • Stacy Blahnik:  Fundraising Chair
  • Lori O’Connor:  Marketing Chair
  • Rebecca Ludtke and Nicole Gregoire:  Athletics Liaison
  • Marv Wall:  GRACE Trustee/St. Francis Parish Representative
  • Marianne Gerrits: St Francis Parish Representative
  • Julie Appel:  St. Mary’s Parish Representative
  • Chet Lamers: GRACE Trustee/St. Mary Parish Representative
  • Molly Mares*: Principal
  • Vicki Treml*:  Business Administrator St. Mary/St. Francis Parishes

* Non-voting member