About Notre Dame


Our Mission Statement

Notre Dame of De Pere provides a Catholic education that guides each student to confidently pursue their academic potential, develop a strong moral compass, and form a growing relationship with God.

Our Philosophy

Notre Dame of De Pere is a Catholic school where students build a foundation for lifelong success. We pursue academic excellence while developing confident learners who are encouraged to realize their unique potential. Led by our Catholic values, we treat everyone with respect and compassion, and we inspire each other with acts of kindness and service. Our entire community is invested in the holistic growth and development of each student.

Our Values

Guided by our Christian values, we believe in:
* Creating a positive and caring environment with strong leadership and a dedicated knowledgeable staff.
* Building the foundation of a faith-centered life by developing and growing a personal relationship with God.
* Setting high academic expectations to prepare students for their future endeavors.
* Shaping people of integrity with sound moral character by encouraging personal accountability and responsibility.
* Surrounding our school with an engaged community invested in the well-being or our school, its students and their families.
* Cultivating a culture of mutual respect by recognizing the dignity and worth of all people.