Notre Dame School of De Pere participates in the National School Lunch Program ensuring healthy meal options are offered daily. 

Lunch Menu is subject to change, we will note on this page any changes if at all possible

Last Week of School


1st lunch  (PK-K) mini corn dogs, Mac and Cheese (as a side), corn and blueberries
2nd and 3rd lunch  (1-5) Max sticks, corn and blueberries
4th lunch  (6-7) stuffed crust pepperoni pizza, corn, blueberries

Chocolate chip cookie for treat
Chicken patty, green beans, tater tots, and diced pears

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. When does my child eat lunch?
. Grades PK-K      11:00 AM – 11:25 AM
Grades 1-3      11:35 AM – 12:00 PM
Grades 4-6     12:10 PM –  12:35 PM
Grades 7-8     12:45 PM – 1:10 PM

Q. What lunch options are available to my child?
A.  We plan and prepare reimbursable hot lunch meal choices for our students which meets School Nutrition/Child Nutrition (CN) regulations every day school is in session. One milk is included in the price of a reimbursable hot lunch meal. Additional milk is also available for purchase for students bringing a cold lunch from home and for students who would like a second milk, third milk, etc.

Q. What is a reimbursable meal?
A. A reimbursable hot lunch meal is a meal in which students will have taken 3 out of 5 components offered, with one being a ½ c fruit or vegetable, by the end of the serving line. **Please know one of the components offered is milk so milk can count as one of the 3 components.

Q. Is there a Salad Station?
A. Yes, a salad station is offered daily, and will have several fresh produce items available. At this time, all food items on the salad station are currently included in the price of a reimbursable hot lunch meal and salad station items cannot be purchased separately.

Q. What are the lunch prices?
A. PreK – 8 Student        $3.25 (includes one milk)
Student Reduced              $0.40(includes one milk)
Guest (adult or child)      $3.95 (includes one milk)
Milk carton                        $0.50 (Note: student lunches and adult lunches already include a milk. Therefore, this milk price represents the cost for purchasing a milk separately; as in with cold lunch or if a student takes a second milk.)

Q. When must my child select his lunch option?
A. When the teachers take attendance at the start of the school day, a lunch count will be taken. If a child did not bring a cold lunch, they must indicate they are taking hot lunch.

Q. How can I find out the balance of my child’s account and purchase history?
A. We will be using MBA Café found in PowerSchool. It does require that each child has his or her own account rather than a single family account. The student’s PowerSchool ID number is used to access the account. Also, you are encouraged to sign up for an automated reminder to alert you that your child’s lunch account balance is getting low. This reminder and your response of sending in a check will save the time it takes to print out and send home a low balance letter with your child. (When necessary, low balance letters are sent out on a weekly basis.)

Q. If my child’s lunch account is low, how do I add to it?
A. Cash or a check made payable to “GRACE” can be placed in an envelope indicating it is for the lunch account and with the child’s name on it. This can be dropped off or mailed to school office. One check can be sent for multiple accounts, but if one check is sent, please indicate the amount you’d like placed in each student account. Dollar amounts can be transferred between lunch accounts only with a parent’s permission. A credit card can be used to make a payment on a lunch account; however, the transaction has to take place at the school office at this time.

Q. My family qualified for free/reduced-priced meals last year. Do I need to do anything for the new school year?

A. Yes, unless you received an eligibility notification letter for direct certification, every year a new application needs to be completed. Students are grandfathered in from last year for the first 30 operating days of the new school year. To avoid disruption in your child’s status, a new application should be received at the GRACE Administrative Office by September 15. If your financial status changes during the school year, you may apply for free/reduced priced meals at anytime. **A reminder that “free” status will cover one reimbursable hot lunch meal with one milk. It does not cover the cost of a milk with cold lunch or a second milk, third milk, etc.

Q. What is the “Peanut-Aware” table?
A. We offer a “Peanut-Aware” table in the cafeteria for any student who may have a life-threatening allergy to peanuts and peanut products. This table is marked with a sign. Any student who sits at this table should not have peanut products in their lunch.

Q.Can a parent/guest have lunch with their child at school?
A. Yes. If you wish to eat hot lunch with your child, please contact the school office by 8:15 AM so that a meal can be ordered. We ask that you please do not bring fast food into the cafeteria.

Q. Other information on our School Nutrition/Child Nutrition (CN) National School Lunch Program (NSLP)?
The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) provides students the nutrition they need to be successful at school, and ensures that meals are healthy and well-balanced.  This also provides students an opportunity to learn and develop life-long healthy eating habits. Standards/highlights of this program include:
– A greater variety of fruits and vegetables; including numerous fruits, and dark green, red-orange, starchy, beans/legumes, and other vegetable subgroups.
– Age-appropriate calorie limits and portion sizes for managing and maintaining body weight and growth/development.
– Fat-free or 1% milk offered daily.
– Daily water availability during lunch, ensuring students stay hydrated.
– For more information, please go to “National School Lunch Program” website at:


Please contact Jamie Hurley, GRACE Food Service Director, at with any questions or concerns