Fundraising 2020-2021


Throughout the year we hold several events and manage many fundraising programs. They are always fun, meaningful and a great way for families and students to get involved.  Fundraising and volunteering are  essential for the growth of  our school, and the success of these events relies heavily on the participation of school families and volunteer parents.  In order to provide school families with a better understanding of how our Fundraising/Volunteer Events are organized, below is a list of our event categories.

Third Source Funding: Money raised from these events will be used to meet our Third Source Funding goal set by GRACE. Additional monies earned above and beyond this goal are used to benefit the school based on the priorities that Notre Dame of De Pere sets each year.

Athletics: Money raised from these events will be used to support the Athletics Department at Notre Dame of De Pere.

Home and School: The money raised from these events will be used to support the needs of the Notre Dame Home and School Committee.

NEW!! Log your Service hours electronically as you complete your hours! log them from your phone, computer, iPad!

For more information on our fundraising and volunteer needs at Notre Dame download our Notre Dame Fundraising Handbook 2020-21 or visit the Events/Volunteer page to access volunteer sign-ups.

For more information contact Stacy Blahnik