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English/Language Arts 6-8

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I am Mr. Adam Hauke, the middle school English/Language Arts teacher at Notre Dame. This is my second year at Notre Dame but my ninth year of teaching overall. My first year here was in the old St. Francis Xavier building that stood down the street from our newly constructed building. I am thrilled to continue teaching with the Notre Dame staff; we have wonderful teachers who care tremendously about students and learning. Professionally, I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature as well as a Master of Arts in Instruction from Saint Mary’s University in Winona, Minnesota. I also hold a Life License in teaching English from the State of Wisconsin. Personally, I am originally from southern Minnesota, but I do enjoy calling the city of Green Bay (and its surrounding areas) my home. I am a busy reader and have a love for teaching grammar and learning new cultures. My FAVORITE item to study is sentence diagramming! As we begin the 2020-2021 school year, I look forward to teaching the fundamental disciplines of English/Language Arts – literature, grammar, writing, vocabulary, and some public speaking. I love what I teach, and I do my best to prepare my students with useful skills.
Adam Hauke

Hello, and welcome to Notre Dame!  I am very excited to be teaching at the Notre Dame.  I have spent most of my summer getting ready for this year – I have read our textbooks and our novels.  I look forward to teaching literature, writing, vocabulary, and grammar with you this year!

Here is the link to my syllabus:  Syllabus-2020-2021


Class Content:
Each trimester will generally consist of the following areas: literature, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and oral communication in the classroom.  Outside the classroom, students will be required to read two novels and complete a project involving their novels.  Overall, students will generally have an assignment every night during the school year.  Students should also review their notes daily to review topics covered in class as well as prepare for future class discussions.  Students will be assessed through homework assignments, quizzes, tests, and writing components.


Student Rules:
 Respect peers, teachers, and property.
 Stay on task and in your seat.
 Raise your hand to participate or get help.



All assignments are due the following day, unless instructed otherwise by Mr. Hauke.  Assignments and important dates will be noted in MyHomeworkApp as well as on my classroom homework board.


Academic Dishonesty:

All ideas must be the student’s ideas, and all work must be done by the student.  Plagiarism (using another person’s ideas without giving proper credit to that person) as well as cheating (copying some else’s work and presenting as your own) or fabrication (making something up) will result in actions listed in the Notre Dame Family Handbook.  Be proud of your work and give your best.





General English/Language Arts:

MLA Help:



Gift Cards to Amazon, Teachers Pay Teachers, or The School House for novels or curriculum materials