Curriculum Outline

At Notre Dame of De Pere, we pride ourselves on offering our students a comprehensive curriculum of academia and sports.  In addition, our intimate school size allows students to fully participate in all areas of learning and gives them the opportunity to be fully engaged in student life.

Our curriculum is both rigorous and challenging. Students score above both the National and Diocesan averages in the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) and the Assessment of Catholic Religious Education (ACRE) tests on a local and statewide level. Notre Dame of De Pere has also received accreditation from the Wisconsin Religious and Independent School Accreditation (WRISA)

Classes – Social Studies, Religion, Math, Science, Language Arts, Music, Art, Physical Education, Health and Spanish, along with library and technology integration.

Benefits – Daily religious classes teach faith, self-focus and respect. Foreign Language classes are taught three days per week to accelerate learning. Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 classes prepare students for AP high school courses.

Curriculum is the child’s educational foundation. Implementing Curriculum is a main component in school accountability as to learning, not only now but in the future.

In general, effective curriculum must reflect the following:

  • Updated Curriculum Standards
  • Best Practices in Education that include Assessment, Differentiation and Grading
  • 21st Learning Skills
  • Integration of Technology Standards
  • Formative Assessments
  • Report Card Grades
  • Standardized Testing-MAP
  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Teacher Staff Development
  • Updated Classroom Materials and Resources

Notre Dame School of De Pere effectively implements all aspects of a comprehensive and effective curriculum. Curriculum is ever changing in the experience of both the school and the child.

One other important aspect of curriculum is in the area of Religion. All Notre Dame teachers are accountable in teaching their own Religion classes. Each teacher follows the Curriculum Standards established by the Diocese of Green Bay. Fifth and eighth graders are assessed with the ACRE Tests that tests Catholic Doctrinal Knowledge.

Notre Dame School of De Pere is accredited by the Wisconsin Associations of Private and Independent Schools. One aspect of school quality according to WRISA is evidence demonstrating a viable and comprehensive curriculum.


Our Athletics Program provide several opportunities for our students to participate in team sports in Fall, Winter and Spring. Our smaller school size gives students more opportunity for team involvement.  More than 90% of all students in grades 5-8 participate in at least one sport. The emphasis on cooperation, team support, inclusion and discovery of the students’ God-given talents is as important as winning.

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Clubs and Activities

In addition to our strong academic and sports programs, Notre Dame of De Pere offers a wide variety of clubs and activities. Students of all grades have opportunities to participate throughout the year, further enhancing their educational experience and social development.

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