Notre Dame of De Pere is accredited by the Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation (WRISA).

WRISA’s three phase accreditation process provides school communities with the opportunity to explore every aspect of their school program, receive valuable feedback from a team of impartial professional educators, and develop a long range plan using the WRISA framework. Once accredited, schools file an annual report documenting they are in compliance with the WRISA Standards and that they have made progress on their long range plan.

Notre Dame of De Pere has proven compliance with WRISA education standards and is a member in good standing.   All religious and independent schools in Wisconsin that have been in operation with students for at least two years and meet extensive eligibility criteria may apply to WRISA for entry into the accreditation process. Schools must complete a comprehensive year-long Self Study, host a Site Visit by a team of peers, and develop and implement a Long Range Plan for school improvement.

Notre Dame of De Pere is proud of our dedicated teachers, staff, and parents for their continued commitment to our school improvement and for maintaining WRISA’s high standards.

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