Fundraising/Volunteer Opportunities

We have heard your request for more available VOLUNTEER hours so you can fullfil your requirements. See below for some great opportunities.

GRACE Calendar Selling After Mass

  • Are you in need of PRIORITY VOLUNTEER HOURS? Please sign up to help sell GRACE Calendars after Mass. Each slot will qualify for ONE PRIORITY HOUR. Questions can be directed to 920-309-2647. Please click here to sign up

Home and School Opportunities

  • Home and School Secretary: Attends the H&S meetings, takes notes and helps plan events. Attends SAC (Site Advisory Council) meetings when the chair is absent. Helps to advertise upcoming events in the weekly newsletter, website, Facebook, flyers and posters. Click here to sign up

  • Box Top Coordinator: This program is moving to a more online format. Plan Box Top Collection dates, advertise with the school families, plan classroom prizes for the winning rooms (reimbursed by H&S). Click here to sign up

  • Birthday cards for NDDP staff. Celebrate each of our NDDP staff with a birthday card and a small gift card.Birthdates and gift cards/gifts are provided by H&S. Click here to sign up

SCRIP Opportunities

  • Selling SCRIP at Mass: We are looking for people to sell SCRIP at St. Mary or St. Francis after the Masses. You can select which Mass and which church you would like to help out at. These are PRIORITY VOLUNTEER HOURS. If you think you may be interested or if you would like more information please contact the SCRIP office at