GRACE Virtual Meal Program Update


GRACE Food Service is offering the GVA Meal Program to all Grace Virtual Academy (GVA) students.  Details of the program are included below:

  1. Pick up of meals are Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:30am – 9:30am, with Monday’s distribution including meals for Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday’s distribution including meals for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  2. A breakfast and lunch will be offered to each GVA student, and families will be charged based on their free, reduced, or paid eligibility status. (Breakfast cost =$1.85 paid, $0.00 reduced, $0.00 free.  Lunch cost = Same pricing as school meals in house)
  3. St. Thomas More, (1420 Harvey St, Green Bay, WI, 54302) is the designated pick up location for all GVA meals, regardless of which school site the student(s) typically attends.
  4. Pick up service will follow a drive-thru pick up model, in the school parking lot adjacent to University Ave, with one car driving up at a time, the individual getting out of their car to pick up the bag(s) already set out on a table, and food service staff always staying behind the table by at least 6 feet.  (An important note: If you are sick or exhibiting symptoms such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing, please DO NOT pick up meals; instead, please designate a healthy family member to come).  
  5. To order meals, please email by Wednesday at 5:00pm for the following week’s meals.  Please designate the number of meals, and if picking up both Monday and Wednesday, or only one of the pick-up days.  Each Wednesday you are ordering for the following week.
    1. Please note that the first few weeks we planned ahead, so if you didn’t order for this Monday’s service, August 31st, it’s still okay to pick up!  Please pick up, and then you can order Sept 2nd for the following weeks’ meals!
  6. Any questions, please email or call the GRACE Administrative Office at 920-499-7330, and ask for Jennifer Pepin.