Tuition Tax Credit

Wisconsin law established a tax deduction for private school tuition, and again, tuition tax credit information is available for the 2019 calendar yeat online via TADS. The TADS Household Paid Tuition Tax Report provides a breakdown of payments made for the specified household’s tuition account during the tax yeat. When you are gathering your information for 2019 tax preparation, go online to your TADS account and select Billing – Billing Account Number – Reports – Household Paid Tuition Tax Report – enter the year 2019 and submit. If you have any questions or require assistance, please call TADS Parent Support at 800-477-8237.


So much new information from Scrip. We are in need of volunteers. We can not succeed without them.  There is a new initiation from Shell that would bring a $1 for the school for every tumbler sold.

Would you like SCRIP to be more accessible? A great way to have SCRIP at your fingertips is through SCRIP wallet. Confused at how it works or how to set it up. The information below hits on all of the above topics. Check it out. Be informed. Make SCRIP work for you and for our school.


Celebrating Epiphany with the “Chalking of the Doors”

Celebrating the Epiphany with the “Chalking of the Doors” tradition at NDDP…

During our school Mass on Wednesday, Father Getchel prayed over special “Chalking of the Doors” kits for students to bring home and share with their families. Kits included, blessed chalk, a prayer card, and instructions on how to bless your home and all who enter for the coming year! Look for yours in a backpack near you or at the office – and watch for the “Chalking of the Doors” popping up over doors throughout our schools and homes!

Wishing you God’s blessings and peace throughout 2020!