Home & School

Home & School is an active organization that supports the connections between our students, parents, staff and community. We consider all Notre Dame families, members of Home & School. Parents are invited to attend any or all of our meetings.

Next Meeting: January 10th at 6:30 pm
1855 N. Sunkist Circle, De Pere

We look forward to having you join us and seeing what we have to offer:

  • Programs of interest and special activities giving families the opportunity to have fun with other families:  Back-to-School Tailgate, Fall Festival, Donuts for Dads and Muffins for Moms
  • Honoring our teachers and staff:  Back-to-School Faculty Luncheon, teacher start-up funds, and appreciation activities all year
  • Raising Funds to assist our school:  Materials, Equipment, and Special Programs
  • Facilitating Fundraising Collections:  Box Tops, Milk Caps, and Shopping Receipts
  • Community Support:  Providing meals for the St. John’s Homeless Shelter

See our upcoming events and activities.

For more information contact Jenny Kukiela at michael52@aol.com