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  • 8th Grade
¡Hola! This year will be my fourth year as a full time teacher here at Notre Dame. I am very excited to be back! I was born in Puerto Rico and started learning Spanish as a baby and small child. During my elementary and middle school years I lived in New Mexico and then I moved to Wisconsin as a teenager to help take over the family farm that my dad grew up on. When I was 18 I studied abroad in Ecuador for six months where I attended a local high school and practiced gymnastics. Since then, I have back-packed and lived all over the Spanish speaking world including Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Spain, Panama and of course, Puerto Rico. I absolutely love the Spanish language and culture and I love being able to share it with my students every day. Outside of school I enjoy coaching and practicing gymnastics, doing ballet, playing volleyball, hiking, running, reading, and spending time with my family and friends.
Ana Turba

Helpful Papers

Spanish Syllabus 2017 – 2018

Spanish Prayer Sheet

Conjugation Sheet 

Survival Vocabulary 


In Middle School, it is expected that each student study his or her Spanish vocabulary for at least 10-15 minutes daily.


Topics we are covering in class this week:   5/21 – 5/25

  • 6B Vocabulary – Chores
  • Affirmative commands
  • Present Progressive Tense

8th Grade Homework (Tarea)

Please refer to Google Classroom for copies of all worksheets

Each student has been supplied with a planner notebook.  Please check the planner daily for any homework assignments and due dates. All  middle school staff will be concentrating on the paper planner at the start of the school to help each student develop a daily routine of writing in and checking their planners. Teachers will give time at the end of each class and during study hall to update them.

Please also check Google Classroom for more details. Students are also required to check their emails at a minimum of twice each day for additional homework details and reminders.
Due Tuesday 5/22
Study for QUIZ
Due Wednesday 5/23
 No Homework
Due Friday 5/25
No Homework

Upcoming Tests & Quizzes

QUIZ – Tuesday 5/22

  • Chore Vocabulary
  • Present Progressive Tense
  • Affirmative Commands


This year I will be sending out occasional reminders about upcoming tests and projects using an app called Remind.  If you or your child would like to receive these reminders via text or email, simply click on the link below and follow the directions to sign up.

8th Grade Remind

Extra Credit

Students have the option of completing a number of Spanish projects and may earn up to 10 extra credit points per trimester.  There will be occasional extra credit opportunities on tests and quizzes as well. Please refer to the form below for a descriptive list of all project opportunities.

MS Extra Credit Projects


Trimester Rewards

Trimester Reward Policy 17-18

Learning Links

Your textbook, Realidades provides extra learning resources online. Check them out!

Realidades B

Señor Wooly

Your 8th grader has an account to this hilarious Spanish website just for kids. Have them log in to show you some of the funny songs we’re working on in class this year.


Your 8th grader is  linked to my account on this website.  This site will help them to conjugate verbs and review vocabulary.  They will also be able to complete assignments and quizzes here.


Your 8th grader has an account to this website, where they can play games and go through flash cards with their vocabulary.  This site will also help them with their Spanish pronunciation and typing skills.


This year, we will be working on memorizing some common Catholic prayers in Spanish.  For a list of those prayers and their translations take a look here:

Spanish Prayers