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Life Science

  • 7th Grade
This is my 10th year at Notre Dame of De Pere. I teach middle school science, and absolutely love it. Previously, I worked in television and business management. I graduated from UW-Green Bay in 1998 with a degree in Communications and then again in 2008 with a degree in Earth Science and minor in Education. My wife Sarah and I have enjoyed more than ten years of marriage and raising our three children. Away from teaching and time with my family, my interests include sports, snowmobiling, movies/television, and video games. For me personally, teaching has been very rewarding. Being able to positively impact students is priceless, and I hope you agree or come to agree with me that Notre Dame has not only outstanding students but wonderful families as well. I am looking forward to another great year and proud to not only be a teacher here but a member of this school community as well.
Kevin Schwarten


  • The students will be completing the Spring MAP testing session over the next few weeks.  The first test will cover Science and is scheduled for Wednesday, April 11th when the students normally have science class.  Please make sure the students get a good night’s sleep before any MAP test.


  • NONE for TUE 4/10

Each student has been supplied with a planner notebook.  Please check the planner daily for any homework assignments and due dates. All  middle school staff will be concentrating on the paper planner at the start of the school to help each student develop a daily routine of writing in and checking their planners. Teachers will give time at the end of each class and during study hall to update them.  

Please also check Google Classroom for more details. Students are also required to check their emails at a minimum of twice each day for additional homework details and reminders.

Important Documents & Handouts

Learning Links

Science World Online Magazine   *Click on “Student Sign In” then enter class code


Geologic Time Computer Lab

“History of Pi” video

Lemmings  (an online video game requiring creative thinking and problem-solving skills and featuring the character used in the heredity project)


  • SAFETY GOGGLES – Every student is expected to use safety goggles in the lab when the materials used require this safety precaution.  I keep extra pairs of goggles in the lab but ask students to purchase their own pair for sanitary reasons.  If students use a pair from the lab, they are responsible for cleaning and returning them.  Where can you purchase your own pair?   The School House and Wal-Mart are two stores that I know carry the correct type of safety goggles.  If you are at Wal-Mart, you will find them in the back area of the store by the painting supplies section.  It important that the goggles protect the area around the eye completely, so make sure to purchase a pair that is coded ANSI-Z87.  A pair will cost about $4 at Wal-Mart.
  • NEED HELP STUDYING?  Download “FLASHCARDS+”   This is an app for smartphones like i-Phone or Droid that gives you access to tons of pre-made flashcard sets. Best of all, the app is FREE!  Download it on your smartphone (or your parents’ with permission) and start studying!

Wish List

  • Wisconsin Fast Plant growing light houses