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6th Grade Religion

  • 6th Grade
Hello all! I would like to share a little about myself. I graduated from UWGB with my Bachelors of Science in Elementary Teaching and a Minor in Natural Sciences. Since then, I have taught in the Manitowoc, Sevastopol and Green Bay School districts. During my first year at Notre Dame I was a 5th grade teacher at the elementary school. I was very excited to have made the move to middle school. I truly enjoy being able to teach the same students for three consecutive years. I believe it gives us a chance to really build solid relationships with which we can use to provide the best possible education. I was born and raised in central Door County in a large family of eight, of which I'm the youngest. I myself attended Catholic schools from 1st to 8th grade, and loved the education and experiences I received there. I enjoy baseball, softball, movies, bowling, volleyball and hunting. As a teacher, I try to keep things engaging by changing things up and doing many hands on lessons. I love the smile on a child's face when they "get it". That "aha" moment is priceless.
Pete Brauer

The goal of this class is to allow students a chance to discover the beauty of the Catholic Church, while developing their own sense of faith.  Students will be taught the fundamentals of the Catholic faith, while encouraged to take it and make it their own. Overall, we will explore what faith is, ways to grow in faith, the wonders of the Mass, the importance of Scripture, the power of prayer and various ways to pray.