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6th Grade Religion

To tell you a little bit about myself: I grew up in Wrightstown, WI, home to the Tigers and the Seven Wonders.....Yes, the Seven Wonders of Wrightstown I call them. You are probably wondering WHAT could there possibly be in a small town that doesn't have a stoplight, but it's a delight. I graduated from St. Norbert College in De Pere in May 2015, where I majored in English and got certified in Education. I studied abroad in Cork, Ireland for a semester and LOVED it! I'm looking to head back for a visit soon. I absolutely love traveling, and enjoyed part of my summer in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. This Christmas, I'll be heading to New Orleans. I am very into music and making music. In college, I joined a band my senior year and we continue to play with each other at gigs throughout the year! This year, I will be the assistant director for Wrightstown High School's One Act play. Obviously, I LOVE reading and everything about Literature. My favorite authors include Jane Austen and Mitch Albom. I love to teach middle school students and get them as excited about Literature as I am! If you ever have any questions or concerns, I do regularly check my school email (even on weekends):
Katie Summers

Announcements in 6th Grade Religion

Welcome back to the new school year!  I can’t wait to learn together and grow together in our Catholic faith.

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Religion Syllabus

Homework This Week in Religion

Each student has been supplied with a physical planner notebook.  Please check the planner daily for any homework assignments and due dates. All  middle school staff will be concentrating on the paper planner at the start of the school to help each student develop a daily routine of writing in and checking their planners. Teachers will give time at the end of each class and during study hall to update them.

Please also check Google Classroom for more details. Students are also required to check their emails at a minimum of twice each day for additional homework details and reminders.  I will provide a link below with a “calendar” of the week.

Service Hours

5 hours of service are required by every student in middle school each trimester. Forms are due 1 week before the end of each trimester.

The emphasis of this work should be “outreach” to our community, primarily with non-profit organizations.

Service Hours Expectations and Directions

Service Hours Reflection Form

Mystery Fridays!!

At the beginning of the year, students were able to submit posts about topics they wanted to learn about in Religion class this year.  Every Friday, I will pick a post and will create a short presentation on that topic.  Ask your child about what we learned this Friday!

Google Classroom

Each student has a Google Classroom account where teachers can create classes and students can join them.  Here, I will be posting most of our assignments, especially Article of the Week.  You will need to submit (TURN IN) your assignments on Google Classroom, not on loose-leaf.  I will be able to send you comments and feedback through Google Classroom, so make sure you are watching for that.

Grading Policy

Formative Assessment (Independent Reading assignments, Independent Writing assignments, quizzes, worksheets, Articles of the Week) –30% ; Summative Assessment (Papers, Essays, Tests)–60% ; Class Participation–10%

A   93-100

B   85-92

C   77-84

D   70-76

F   69 and below

If you have any further questions, you can consult my Syllabus, or send me an email.  I would be happy to explain or talk about any questions you have.

Reading Power School

If you are looking at your grades on Power School and don’t understand what you are looking at, following this little cheat sheet!

Missing Assignments:  If you have an “M” for an assignment, it means that you did not turn it in (either for an excused absence or because you didn’t have it done).  If you have JUST an “M” in the box, it means you had an excused absence that day.  If you have an “M” AND a “0” for the assignment, it means you didn’t hand it in at all.  Once you turn it in, you will get credit for the assignment.  (See Late Policy on my Syllabus for questions concerning missing assignments)

Check Marks:  If there is a check mark for an assignment, it means that you turned in the assignment but I have not graded it yet.  **Some assignments might not be graded, it might just be an assessment for me to direct my instruction.