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I have spent 20 years at Notre Dame of De Pere, and before that I spent 3 years at Clay Lamberton Middle School, Berlin. Notre Dame is special because of the wonderful, faith-filled students, family and faculty. I love the enthusiasm and energy of the students and the support of families, faculty and staff.
Melissa Freeman

Music Class 2018-2019

F.R.O.G.      Fully Rely On God


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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  -Proverbs 3:5

The Notre Dame community successfully engages the whole child through experiential learning to make them stronger in mind, body and soul.

MS Syllabus

Upcoming Important Dates

Wed. Nov.14, 2018 School Liturgy at St. Francis at 8:35 am led by Fourth Grade.

Wed. Nov. 21, 2018 School Liturgy at St. Francis at 8:35 am led by Third Grade.

Thursday, December 13, 2018:  K-5 CHRISTMAS CONCERT, 1:00 and 6:30 in the MS gym.

THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2019:    6-8 SPRING CONCERT, 1:00 and 6:30 in the MS gym.

Thursday, May 23, 2019:  5-8 INSTRUMENT CONCERT, 2:00 pm in the MS gym.


Middle School:  Grades 6-8 will begin the year with liturgical music preparation and an instrument unit.  We will review rhythm notation and performance on hand drums, melody notation on bells, and harmony notation on tone chimes.

Elementary School: Grades K-5 will begin the year with liturgical music preparation.  Students have finished the read/sing/dance through of our Christmas concert musical, Carol and the Belles.  We have begun working on learning and memorizing the class songs for the musical:

  • Kindergarten – “Christmas At the Drive-In”
  • First Grade – “Order Up”
  • Second Grade – “We Just Can’t Wait Any Longer”
  • Third Grade – “The Promised One”
  • Fourth Grade – “Suddenly”
  • Fifth Grade – “We’re Gonna Follow That Star”


Band and Guitar:  Grades 6-8 band students will meet for full band rehearsals each B and D day during academic focus time (11:53-12:23).  Grades 6-8 band students should also report for a smaller group lesson at 7:30 am on B day (woodwinds) and D day (brass and percussion).  Grade 5 band will begin by choosing instruments in the first weeks of music class.  Grade 5 band rehearsals will begin in October. We will meet at 7:30 am on A day (woodwinds) and E day (brass and percussion).  Grade 6-8 guitar students will meet on Mass Days at 7:30 am.  Grade 5 guitar students will meet on C days at 7:30 am.

Grade 5-8 Band & Guitar Schedule and Registration Information

5th Grade Band & Guitar Registration

Music and Band Performance Dates:

Friday, Nov. 9, 2018:   Veteran’s Day Assembly

Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018:   Christmas Concert, K-5, 1:00 & 6:30

Saturday, March 2, 2019:  GRACE Solo and Ensemble, 8:00 am til approximately 1:00 pm. for all interested band members, solo singers, private piano, guitar and string students in grades 6-8.  Notre Dame of De Pere will host this event.

Thursday, May 16, 2019:  Spring Concert, 6-8, 1:00 & 6:30

Thursday, May 23, 2019:  Spring Instrument Concert, 2:00 for band members and guitar players in grades 5-8.



Middle School:  Be sure to check My Homework App for any assignments.  Class time is given to work on assignments given.

Students are busy preparing songs for our school Liturgies.  Middle school students are working on a rhythm unit using class hand drums and auxiliary percussion.  Soon we will be writing letters to our guest veterans.

Elementary School:  Come to music class ready to sing and learn!  We are continuing to prepare our music for school Masses.  Students are continuing to prepare our Christmas concert musical, Carol and the Belles.  Students in Grades 3-5 are meeting with Miss F. to determine how they’d like to be involved in the concert this year (on stage with lines, on stages with no lines, sing a solo or duet, stay on risers with their class).  All grades will be memorizing the lyrics and choreography for the concert songs.  Each song will feature one grade level on stage.

Learning Links:

For information about our 2018 Christmas concert, Carol and the Belles, click the link below. 

Carol and The Belles


For information about the Spring Concert Musical, a link will be posted as soon as students complete their voting process and a Spring Musical is officially decided.