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6th Grade Math

Emily Norppa

Welcome to 6th Grade Math!


During this year of mathematics, students will explore a wide variety of topics including algebraic reasoning; integers; rational numbers; proportional relationships; graphs; percents; collecting, displaying and analyzing data; geometric figures, measurement; geometry; probability; and multi-step equations.

This Week in 6th Grade Math

This week, the 6th graders are working on building algebraic skills and knowledge. They will take a quiz on Tuesday on sections 3.1 – 3.2, and will take a test on all of Chapter 3 on Wednesday, November 8th.


To see the syllabus for this class, click here.

Google Classroom

Join Code for students: arjta6q

I use Google Classroom (click here for linkas my main way to communicate with students during the school year. I post slides from class, announcements, and any homework assignments that they can turn in electronically. As a parent or guardian, you can also sign up to receive updates about what I post on Google Classroom. If you would like to sign up for this information, please email me ( with the subject “Google Classroom” and let me know your child’s name, as well as which email(s) you want to use to receive notifications.


  • Monday
    • Study for Quiz
  • Tuesday
    • None
  • Wednesday
    • Textbook p. 131 #35-43
  •  Thursday
    • Textbook pp. 130-131 #5-33 odd
  • Friday
    • Textbook pp. 137 #5-33 odd


Math Help Times

If I an unable to adequately address a student’s questions during class, or if a student has additional questions about the material, I strongly encourage those students to come see me for extra help. I am currently teaching a class during the normal study hall time. However, I am available to help students with math at the following times:

  • Before school (7:30-7:50)
  • During recess (11:53 – 12:10)
  • After school (3:00 – at least 3:30)

Online Textbook

Online Textbook

Easy Access Online Textbook – If you cannot remember your login for the online textbook, you can use this link to get access to a web-based, bare-bones version of the online textbook.

Learning Links

Below are links I have frequently used with students. They provide quality supplementary help with math concepts.

Virtual Nerd – Short video explanations with examples.

Khan Academy – Videos, examples, and practice problems to help students become proficient in math (and a number of other subjects as well).

Math Is Fun – Down-to-Earth textual explanations of math concepts.