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Language Arts & Reading

  • 8th Grade
Abby Gonzo

8th Grade Language Arts and Reading:


Homework Assignments in Language Arts:

This year students will be using an online planner called My Homework App. Please use the embedded link to access it. Teachers will put all their homework assignments in this App. Students should be using this daily to monitor assignments.


Please also check Google Classroom for more details. Students are also required to check their emails at a minimum of twice each day for additional homework details and reminders.

Article of the Week (AoW)

Research clearly shows that the best way to become a better reader and to learn to analyze texts is to… READ! No kidding. So we’re going to read widely – which means a variety of text, every week, on your own time. No complaining! You will not receive very much homework in my class. However, you will have one article to read, annotate, and respond to each week.


Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Resources

This year, I will be taking a closer look at building students’ vocabulary and teaching them skills that will help them to better comprehend a text.  Below, you will be able to find links to several resources I will be using in the classroom this year.

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary and Thesaurus 

Common Root Words and Word Origins

Notice and Note Video Clips

Independent Reading

This year, most Wednesday class periods will be dedicated to Independent Reading.  For each trimester, you will be responsible for reading TWO different books and completing the corresponding reading activities (found on the Tic-Tac-Toe Board).  You will get a reading log and I expect you to be filling out how many pages you are reading week to week.  

At the start of each trimester, you will get a Tic-Tac-Toe Board with a variety of project options. Your goal is to get three project in a row completed on your board. You have to pick two projects to do each trimester. 

For every book and activity you finish BEYOND these two books, You will earn Tic-Tac-Toe tickets. Tickets can be redeemed for prizes right away or saved up for bigger prizes at the end of the year.  Prize ideas include; Teacher’s chair for a day, Barnes and Noble Gift Cards, Free Books, Pizza Party and many more options ***Extra books will not count towards the next trimester***  


Google Classroom

Each student has a Google Classroom account where teachers can create classes and students can join them.  Here, I will be posting most of our assignments, especially Article of the Week.  You will need to submit (TURN IN) your assignments on Google Classroom, not on loose-leaf.  I will be able to send you comments and feedback through Google Classroom, so make sure you are watching for that.

Grading Policy

Formative Assessment (Independent Reading assignments, Independent Writing assignments, quizzes, worksheets, Articles of the Week) –30% ; Summative Assessment (Papers, Essays, Tests)–60% ; Class Participation–10%

A   93-100

B   85-92

C   77-84

D   70-76

F   69 and below

If you have any further questions, you can consult my Syllabus, or send me an email.  I would be happy to explain or talk about any questions you have.

Reading Power School

If you are looking at your grades on Power School and don’t understand what you are looking at, following this little cheat sheet!

Missing Assignments:  If you have an “M” for an assignment, it means that you did not turn it in (either for an excused absence or because you didn’t have it done).  If you have JUST an “M” in the box, it means you had an excused absence that day.  If you have an “M” AND a “0” for the assignment, it means you didn’t hand it in at all.  Once you turn it in, you will get credit for the assignment.  (See Late Policy on my Syllabus for questions concerning missing assignments)

Check Marks:  If there is a check mark for an assignment, it means that you turned in the assignment but I have not graded it yet.  **Some assignments might not be graded, it might just be an assessment for me to direct my instruction.