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  • 2nd Grade
Hello, I am Mrs. Sara Murphy. I am a mother of 3, Army wife, teacher, and Grad student. I am a graduate of Marian College, with a degree in Elementary Education. I will be graduating in May 2017 with a Master's degree in Reading. My goal for this year is to get acquainted with your student and provide an intellectually challenging and successful classroom for each student.
Sara Murphy

Our school year is off to a great start!!  They are amazing in many areas of the classroom.  I am in love with the energy and the drive this class has.  As people and students we all have goals and they are all in different places with various strengths.  I am excited to let them shine this year.  We are getting our guided reading started this up coming week and working on a writing piece about our “Favorite Part of me.”

Here is a sneak peak at the photo’s that will go with our writing.  So far this is going well in letting me know about each child and what they enjoy!  I love the photo’s!!

In math, we are in our routine.  I just want you to know that most students are getting their work done during class time. I send it home to have you parents look it over. I am ok with checking it over.  Sometimes having them redo it and bringing attention to it.  It’s always great to have the extra support in explaining as to provide various perspective and a new way to explain the same thing.

Overall, I am excited to see what these kiddo’s can do!!

 Thank you!

Mrs. Murphy



Here is the link to our school calendar for 2018-2019

Mark your calendar for these important 2nd Grade Events!


28  Early Dismissal – Local In-service



3     Grandparent’s Day

23     Parent Teacher Conferences (4:00-8:00PM)

25        Early Dismissal Parent Teacher Conferences (1p-6p)

26        No School



2  All Saint’s Day Party (1:30-2:30)

9  Early Dismissal—Staff In-service  (Local)

21  Early Dismissal, End of 1st Trimester

22-23  Thanksgiving—No School



21    Holiday Party (1:30-2:30)

24-31  Christmas Vacation


2Classes Resume

18      No School—Staff In-service

Jan. 28– Feb. 2 Catholic Schools Week



15   No school—Staff In-service (GRACE)



1  End of 2nd Trimester / Early Dismissal

7  Evening Parent Teacher Conferences (4:00-8:00)

8  Early Dismissal– Afternoon Conferences (12:30-4pm)

11-15      Spring Break—No School


19  Good Friday – No School

22  Easter Monday—No School



10   Early Dismissal—Staff In-service (Local)

27   Memorial Day—No School

June  6   Last Day of School—Early Dismissal

Websites this website is great for finding interest books.  Your child can mark interests, reading level, and book types and the website will find only books in your child’s interest level.  It also has listen to read in picture, non-fiction, and chapter books.  I use it to break up Daily 5.  They seem to really enjoy it. Plus, it expands your reading library!!

Moby max will help with math fluency and more…

Spelling City contains a list of all our spelling words, which will be uploaded Monday of each week.  It contains not only the list, but games your child can play to get to know them better.

Here is a website I created with key vocabulary, ideas, tools, and tricks.


Please do not feel as if you have to purchase anything!  These are things that I am interested in getting for the class.

Cozy seats

Product DetailsPlastic Scoop Rockers

Found on Amazon for $5.99




by Bouncy Bands




Product Details Classroom Stools:  I am looking for at least 2 to use at a taller table or by window.  I have many that struggle sitting, so sometimes a different level of sitting is needed.  These will allow for a little flexibility and assist in focusing students.  Preferred height is 15 – 24 inches.  These are just some examples or ideas. 




Science items: Paper towel rolls, rubber bands, straws,

digital timer easy for kids to use and monitor.




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