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Hello, I am Mrs. Sara Murphy. I am a mother of 3, Army wife, teacher, and Grad student. I am a graduate of Marian College, with a degree in Elementary Education. I will be graduating in May 2017 with a Master's degree in Reading. My goal for this year is to get acquainted with your student and provide an intellectually challenging and successful classroom for each student.
Sara Murphy

Favorite Book Characer Photo’s

Our Evie Descendent Twins
Our Class Winner!!
Impromptu Thing 1 & Thing 2 Costume










Mrs. Murphy  & Class 

This week is Library Week.  Monday we got to tour and check out books from the bookmobile.  It was fun!  Today we dressed up as our favorite book character.  They all did really well!  The class did chose Jack or Remy from the book Remy Sneakers.  On Friday, we will be having the biggest and best campfire ever!!  There will smore’s, as well as SMORE’ reading, writing, and story telling.

 In MATH we have been working on our adding fluently through flashcards, flashcard apps, and practice.  I would suggest practicing sorting coins, play small games, etc.  In Unit 6 we are increasing our adding skills to 3 digit adding, which leads us into the thousands place value.
In READING  we are starting Literature Circles.  This will teach the students responsibility in reading, as well as discussing what they read with others.  We are also working on fluency.  Each child will pick thier favorite picture book to share with the class.  Then, they will come up with 2 open ended questions to as.  There is a rubric that they will need to follow.  If I can figure out how to add it here I will otherwise, I will send it home.
In Writing, we are starting to research our butterfly projects, which will lead us into our own research.  We also touched a little on opinion writing, which they had to write a paragraph on whether we should remove chocolate milk from our lunch room here at Notre Dame.  They did really well.  The one thing we are focusing on continuously are DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS!
In Religion, we finished our First Communion Book and are looking forward to receiving our First Holy Eucharist, which will begin this Sunday.
Finally, Thursday we will be beginning our butterfly unit in Science.  Mrs. Herbst will be helping us seperate the caterpillars (larva) into cups so each student can watch each stage.
I hope we made you SMILE today!!


 Thank you!

Mrs. Murphy


Here is the link to our school calendar for 2017-2018

Mark your calendar for these important 2nd Grade Events!

First Communion

(Retreat) – April 14, 2018

St. Francis – April 15, 2018

St. Mary’s – April 22, 2018

May Crowning

May 9, 2018

4 Early Dismissal—Staff In-service (Local)
9  Easter/First Eucharist Party @ 1:30
28 Memorial Day—No School


6 Last Day of School—Early Dismissal

Websites this website is great for finding interest books.  Your child can mark interests, reading level, and book types and the website will find only books in your child’s interest level.  It also has listen to read in picture, non-fiction, and chapter books.  I use it to break up Daily 5.  They seem to really enjoy it. Plus, it expands your reading library!!

Moby max will help with math fluency and more…

Spelling City contains a list of all our spelling words, which will be uploaded Monday of each week.  It contains not only the list, but games your child can play to get to know them better.

Here is a website I created with key vocabulary, ideas, tools, and tricks.


Please do not feel as if you have to purchase anything!  These are things that I am interested in getting for the class.

Cozy seats

Product DetailsPlastic Scoop Rockers

Found on Amazon or also found at Fleet Farm for $5.99




by Bouncy Bands




Product DetailsProduct Details Classroom Stools:  I am looking for at least 2 to use at a taller table or by window.  I have many that struggle sitting, so sometimes a different level of sitting is needed.  These will allow for a little flexibility and assist in focusing students.  They do not have to be new, just sturdy!   Anything will do, I hope they will be able to be tucked in close to the table or under it.  Preferred height is 15 – 24 inches.  These are just some examples or ideas. 



Science items: Paper towel rolls, rubber bands, straws,

digital timer easy for kids to use and monitor.




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