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I am a painter and sculptor. I received my BFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a post-graduate certificate from La Scuola Dell'arte Della Medaglia in Rome, Italy. I have led a joyful adventure-filled life making art, and I hope to transmit this joy to my students at Notre Dame! I feel fortunate to be teaching here, and I look forward to getting to know students and families!
Virginia Janssen

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See Miracles in Life Every Day!


                    Visual Arts Night 2018!

Thanks to all who helped with Visual Arts Night! It was a great success!

Awards were chosen by the students! A Middle School Jury chose the awards for the Elementary School, and a Fifth Grade Jury chose awards for the Middle School! Great Job, jurors!

We Have a Youth Art Month Contest Winner!

This design, by Maddy Rose (Grade 6) is one of eight winning flag designs from over 500 entries chosen to represent the State of Wisconsin during Youth Art Month in March. The flag will fly at the State Capitol and also in Seattle during the month of March!

Eighth Grade students created these reproductions of famous paintings to make art history come alive!


Third Grade students create some Art Room Expectation Posters.


Projects we are working on:

4k: Pilgrim Ships

Kindergarten: Feathery Turkeys

Grade 1:  Lego Villages

Grade 2: Knights of Columbus Poster Contest

Grade 3: Knights of Columbus Poster Contest

Grade 4: Gesture drawing/Continuous Line Drawing

Grade 5:   Food Art

Grade 6: Gradient Color Self-portraits

Grade 7: Printmaking

Grade 8: Op Art/ Food Words


Dear Parents:

Has your student been bringing home lots of art that may include string, glitter, cut paper or other various art materials? If so, this means that they had some time in class to make something at the FREE DRAW STATION ( in the Elementary Art Room) or the MAKERSPACE (in the Middle School Art Room.) These are places to create outside of our classroom projects, when assigned work is done and the work area is clean. The objects made in these areas are the fruit of your child’s imagination and they are amazing! Please ask them what they made today!


6th grade made this giant food for a unit on Pop Art!


Middle School Information:

Each student has been supplied with a physical planner notebook.  Please check the planner daily for any homework assignments and due dates. All  middle school staff will be concentrating on the paper planner at the start of the school to help each student develop a daily routine of writing in and checking their planners. Teachers will give time at the end of each class and during study hall to update them.

 Students are also required to check their emails at a minimum of twice each day for additional homework details and reminders.

Middle School Syllabus

Please review the following syllabus. Thank you!

Middle School Syllabus 2017-2018



Middle School Homework:

Sketchbook Drawings are due:




Colored Markers

#2 Pencils


Metallic colored Sharpies

Black Sharpies

Beads, buttons of any kind

Plastic containers with lids of any kind

Hot Glue Gun Glue Sticks (large)

recycled materials to use in Makerspace

lego blocks and parts

large amounts of bubble wrap (for a project)

used smartphones and chargers (we will use them in the MS as cameras only)

Hobby Lobby Gift Cards

Michael’s Gift Cards

Schoolhouse Gift Cards


Here’s a link to my website!