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Art Class

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Hannah Kuplack
The blindfolded artist had to draw based only on the verbal instruction of their teammates
We love to goof off when we create!

We made a frog buffet
Watch out for glue covered 7th graders!
They did an amazing job “painting” with paper like the artist Matisse.

Messy is our middle name!

Syllabus for 2018-2019 year!


Miss Kuplack’s Art Class


School Syllabus


I am looking forward to get to know all of you this year! We will be working on a variety of different art projects that are designed to open up your minds to the possibilities that art provides. We will use a variety of mediums and important topics to create art that is not only fun to create, but allows you to see the world from a different perspective.


At the time of the spring concert we will have an art show for the middle school. More detail will be provided as the event draws near.


Classroom Rules and Expectations

In order to keep our classroom running smoothly and safely we will observe and practice the following:

  1. Respect for ourselves, our classmates, our teacher, the tools and mediums we use and the space in which we learn.
  2. Kindness towards each other when your classmates make a mistake or a mess and especially yourself! Art can be challenging at times and sometimes artists in training need to show kindness to yourself!
  3. Positive criticism! A very important part about art is feedback or criticism. While we will model and practice this in class, I expect you to focus your opinions in a positive and helpful way while we do group critiques.
  4. Focus in the classroom. The more efficient we can be in getting ready and cleaning up the more art we can do in a class period. Attentive listening during instruction or group discussions will also allow for more art time.  We are a team!
  5. Be a leader! An artist is a thought leader who can create a masterpiece to send a message to the world. You can be a leader in the classroom by modeling the rules and helping your fellow classmates achieve greatness.


  • Only one warning will be given. Refer to Parent handbook for more information on demerits.



Projects 50%

Participation 25%

Critiques 25%


Absent Policy

Due to the nature of the projects we will be doing there may not be ample time to make up certain projects. 2 absences will be excused. Any planned absence that cause the student to be unable to complete a project in class can be made up with an assignment. In those cases I will need notice to prepare the assignment.


Student Retake Policy

Because there will be no written test in this class, critiques will be able to be made up within a week of the original critique.


Late Project Policy

If Projects are turned in by 3PM on the day that the project is due then the following will apply:

  1. 10% off of grade for each day late for up to 5 days.
  2. After 5 days it will be per my discretion.
  3. Extra credit will be assigned at my discretion.


This will be an amazing artistic year! Bring your ideas and your excitement to class! Make this your best year yet!