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  • 4th Grade
I have enjoyed teaching at Notre Dame. This school is such a special place because there is a close partnership between teachers and families. The families are so involved and supportive of their children’s education. When I'm not teaching and in my spare time, some of my favorite activities are gardening with my husband, going to farmer's markets, running, and spending time with my baby boy.
Ronni Ledvina

4th Grade 2018-2019

Welcome to Mrs. Ledvina’s 4th Grade Classroom website!
Here’s where you’ll find all things 4th Grade, including important news, homework procedures, and our wishlist.

Throughout the school year, we will focus on our school theme and remember to Fully Rely OGod.

January 21-25, 2019


January 21-25 is Crossing Guard Week.  Be sure to thank our crossing guards as you pass by them on your way to and from school!

Next week is Catholic Schools Week! Get a sneak peek here:  




Student Planners & Binders:  Students record homework in their planners daily.  Parents/guardians, please make sure your are checking and signing your child’s planner each day after your child has completed all homework.  Together look through the folders for homework, parent forms, corrected work, etc.  Review these things together with your child.  Following is more information on some common weekly homework assignments your child will receive.

Math worksheets will be coming home on almost a daily basis.  Please have your child complete the homework and return it to school the next school day.  Students will get an opportunity to correct and mistakes they have made.  Corrected mistakes will receive partial credit and the new grade will be circled.

Reading Logs will be sent home on Mondays in your child’s binder.  Students should read the required minutes, complete the front and back of the reading log, and get a parent/guardian signature once complete.  Following are the reading requirements:
1st Trimester = 1oo minutes
2nd Trimester = 120 minutes
3rd Trimester = 140 minutes

Spelling lists will be sent home on Mondays.  Spelling tests will usually be on the following Friday.  Spelling homework will be sent home on Mondays and is due on Friday of that week.  Practice writing and spelling the words at home daily.  Students who have spelled every word correct on the pretest are exempt from the Spelling homework and test for that week.

Students will have other work to complete in addition to those assignments above.  As always, contact me if you have a question in regards to student assignments.

Learning Link

An extra fun learning task to connect your learning at school to home and the outside world.
Week of 1/21:

Moses and the Hebrews 

God’s chosen people complained when they were wandering in the desert on their way to the Promised Land.  They were hungry, thirsty, tired, and probably felt lost.  They did not think about how thankful they should be for God freeing them from the Egyptians.  What do we have to thank God for?  Make an Alphabet of Gratitude.  Can you name something you are thankful for starting with each letter of the alphabet?

Wish List

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