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  • 4th Grade
This is my fifth year teaching at Notre Dame of De Pere, and I am very excited to make it a great year! I love to challenge the kids to get them to the edge of their seats when I’m teaching. I like watching the kids grow, succeed, and become better people knowing I was a part of their journey. In my free time, I enjoy singing and leading worship at my church and playing volleyball. I enjoy spending time with my husband - camping, playing volleyball, watching movies, etc. My favorite part of this summer was spending time with my son who was born in June.
Christina Henkel


4th Grade, Room 203


See Miracles in Life Everyday


Field Trips:

Madison – Thursday, April 19

Brickstead Farm – Friday, May 25

Other Important Dates:

Catholic Schools Week – Sunday, January 28


EXTRA CREDIT:  Extra credit is ONLY available with corrections on quizzes and tests for half credit back.

Reading:  Read! Read! Read 20 minutes daily (100 minutes each week)

Math: REMEMBERING and HOMEWORK is done in class.  Whatever is not done in class is to be finished at home.

English:  Pronouns

Spelling:  Pretest on Mondays; Spelling Homework due Fridays; Spelling Test on Fridays.  All in cursive

Science:  Slow vs. Rapid Changes to Earth

Health:  Life Skills

Writing: Breaking Barriers


Trimester 2 Book Projects:  To encourage reading growth in 4th grade, students are expected to read at least two-three books and create a book review on the book in Trimester 2.  Book reviews are worth 25 points each. Books read for the book reviews must be at the students’ current reading level.  See Scholastic Book Wizard to see levels.  Due Dates: January 18, February 15

Trimester 3 Book Projects:  To encourage reading growth in 4th grade, students are expected to read 20 picture/chapter books using a guideline to fill out their Tower of Books.  While students have specific requirements and guidelines, they ultimately get to pick out the books they want to read.  Due Date:  N/A

Learning Links

Below are some direct links to Mrs. Henkel’s Classroom Weebly website.

Reading Logs

Grading Scale

Spelling Words

Hot Pencil Test – Addition Practice

Hot Pencil Test – Subtraction Practice

Hot Pencil Test – Multiplication Practice

Hot Pencil Test – Division Practice

Cursive Handwriting Practice


Students should be practicing what they learn at school as well as at home.  Students must be prepared each day with their completed assignments.  Please find time in your child’s daily routine to fit homework into your schedule.  Thanks!

Wish List

THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU in advance for any donations that are given to the classroom!!

Large Containers of Hand Sanitizer

Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Cards

Bright Colored Reams of Computer Paper

Idiom Tales

Grammar Tales

Mini Mysteries

Spotlight on Literary Elements

Author’s Purpose – Animal Adventure, Blue Level 3.5-5.0

Figurative Language – Alien Landing, Blue Level 3.5-5.0

The Main Idea – Jungle Safari, Blue Level 3.5-5.0

Sentence Challenge

Super Sentence

Boogie Boards