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7th Grade Accelerated Math

Emily Norppa

Welcome to 7th Grade Accelerated Math!


This course covers the material from 7th Grade Math, but at an accelerated pace. It also includes material from the 8th Grade Math curriculum, such as a more in-depth look at graphing linear equations, exponent rules, and operations with square roots, in preparation for Algebra 1.

This Week in 7th Grade Accelerated Math

This week, the students beginning to work with ratios again. They will review some concepts from last year, and will begin learning about graphing proportional relationships as well. They will have a quiz on Chapter 5 on Monday, November 6th.


To see the syllabus for this class, click here.

Google Classroom

Join Code for students: ffwr4pt

I use Google Classroom (click here for link) as my main way to communicate with students during the school year. I post slides from class, announcements, and any homework assignments that they can turn in electronically. As a parent or guardian, you can also sign up to receive updates about what I post on Google Classroom. If you would like to sign up for this information, please email me ( with the subject “Google Classroom” and let me know your child’s name, as well as which email(s) you want to use to receive notifications.


  • Monday
    • None
  • Tuesday
    • Text pp. 174-175 #1-4 all, 9-31 odd, 33-37 all
  • Wednesday
    • 5.2 Extension Worksheet B
  •  Thursday
    • text pgs. 190-191 #5-37 odd
  • Friday
    • Study for Quiz

Math Help Times

If I an unable to adequately address a student’s questions during class, or if a student has additional questions about the material, I strongly encourage those students to come see me for extra help. I am currently teaching a class during the normal study hall time. However, I am available to help students with math at the following times:

  • Before school (7:30-7:50)
  • During recess (11:53 – 12:10)
  • After school (3:00 – at least 3:30) (This Wednesday I can only meet until 3:15 because of a doctor’s appointment)

Online Textbook

Online Textbook

Easy Access Online Textbook – If you cannot remember your login for the online textbook, you can use this link to get access to a web-based, bare-bones version of the online textbook.

Learning Links

Below are links I have frequently used with students. They provide quality supplementary help with math concepts.

Virtual Nerd – Short video explanations with examples.

Khan Academy – Videos, examples, and practice problems to help students become proficient in math (and a number of other subjects as well). Middle school students have Khan Academy accounts, which they made at the beginning of the year under Ms. Norppa’s supervision, using their school Google accounts. They have Ms. Norppa listed as a coach, so she is aware of their time spent on Khan Academy, as well as their progress on different topics.

Math Is Fun – Down-to-Earth textual explanations of math concepts.