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This Christmas Season, the Notre Dame of De Pere school community is looking forward to spreading some extra Christmas Spirit in our local community. We have the opportunity to share our blessings with 5 local families. Mr. Balza, Mrs. Cramer, and Christian Outreach have identified families that would benefit from this wonderful program.

We have a wish list of gift suggestions on the sign up genius. Items do not need to be wrapped, but it would be very helpful if you can mark which item you signed up for on the donation (i.e., Boy 2T pants). Please send all donated items to the school offices, labeled Adopt-a-Family at any point prior to December 10th as this will ensure that everything is wrapped and delivered to the families on time.

Thanks in advance for your help in making this program a success!

Adopt-A-Family Gift Sign Up

Gift Wrapping Sign Up

Math Resource Sheet

Math Resource Sheet


  • This is the website for the online textbook.
    On here, if a student logs in, they can access the textbook, as
    well as videos for the examples from the book.
  • There are also other resources available to them
    on their online textbook, such as review sheets
    for concepts that we have covered previously. Look for “Skills Review Handbook” and “Basic Skills Handbook”.

  • We used this during the year as a way to
    reinforce concepts. There are videos here, as
    well as opportunities for students to practice.

  • A gold mine of information! Here students can
    (with parental permission) sign up for adaptive
    math practice (Alcumus), play math games against other middle schoolers, watch videos,
    and read articles about how to approach and solve math problems.

  • This website features short video
    explanations of concepts, with examples.
    There are a wide variety of topics covered, from 6th grade math to Algebra 2 and Geometry.
Ms. Norppa’s Math Hours:

If I am unable to adequately address a student’s questions during class, or if a student has additional questions about the material, I strongly encourage those students to come see me for extra help. I am currently teaching a class during both study hall times. However, I am available to help students with math at the following times:

  • Before school (7:30-7:50)
  • During recess (11:53 – 12:05)
  • After school (3:00 – at least 3:30)

This schedule may change based on particular circumstances (e.g. doctor’s appointment, recess duty, etc.).

NDA Tutors

On Tuesday afternoons, from 3:30-4:15, students from NDA come and tutor our middle school students in math. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact Ms. Norppa at

We are working on providing additional math resources for your students! Please stay tuned for updates!