Helping Friends in our Community

Helping Friends in our Community

In an early effort to kick off Catholic Schoools Week and to encourage community and parish stewardship, Notre Dame of De Pere would like to introduce two new ways for our children to make a difference to those in the community and their parish!

    Elementary School: Parish Pals

For Notre Dame students in grades kindergarten through fifth, Parish Pals is an opportunity to teach service and discipleship across generations! Notre Dame is looking for eagar students who are interestd in making a new friend in either the St. FRancis Xavier or St. Mary parish. It would be a February to October commitment helping your child reach out to their new friend roughly once a month, wit a Bingo Party at the end to celebrate all the new friendships! Please see the  attached form for more details and to sign up! Thank you!





Middle School: Parish Service Boards

For Notre Dame students in grades sixth through eighth, the Parish Service Boards will provide an opportunity for students to help parish members with individual service requests. Using Sign Up  Genius, students and parents of the Service Group will be made known of requests that come in through the service boards located in the back of St. Francis Xavier and St. Mary churches. All details including supervision will be communicated with parents to ensure safety and commitment.
Please take a moment to discuss this opportunity with your middle school child. Sign up is easy!

Just fill out the  attached form to be added to the Sign Up Genius.  Thank you!


RURN- A BIG THANK YOU and Final Results

The final results are in and we owe the RURN committee and all of you a BIG THANK YOU for a job well done.

You are amazing!!  Also we we would like to thank all the friends of NDDP that contributed to the success of this great event.

Please click here for final results:

Home and School Meeting – Happening Soon

Home and School meeting is Wednesday, January 9th at 6:30 pm in the elementary school library.

Home and School is looking for someone to co-chair this awesome group for the 2019-2020 school year. Anyone at all interested in knowing more should attend this meeting or reach out to Jenny Kukiela at or 734-649-9951.

Please at least consider getting more information. The rewards are great and the amount of people you get to meet in our Notre Dame Community is such a treat.