A Note From Principal Mares – RURN Ticket Sales

Dear Parents,

I wanted to thank those of you who have bought or sold Raffle tickets for Rise Up Raiders Night! In doing this, you have supported our school’s efforts by:

  • Earning 2 entries into RURN – we hope to see you there!

  • Making it possible for us to have ONE big fundraiser per year, instead of working year-round to raise money.

  • Helping to keep our tuition costs reasonably low compared to other similar schools around the country.

  • supporting our wonderful teachers and staff.

  • Ensuring our building, grounds, curriculum, materials, and supplies are up-to-date and well-maintained.

  • Providing a secure future for Notre Dame of De Pere.

So far this year we have sold 379 out of the 500 needed. We are still hoping to reach our goal with your help. If you have not sold raffle tickets, please do so by tomorrow morning. If you need more please contact Tricia Adams tricia.deprey@gmail.com and she can get them to you.

If all 500 tickets are sold by 11:00am tomorrow, all Notre Dame of De Pere students will have NO HOMEWORK this weekend!!


Thank you for your help, and God Bless!!

Molly Mares
Principal, Notre Dame of De Pere

Veteran’s Day Mass

Please join us for our Veteran’s Day Mass on Friday, November 9 at 8:35 at St. Francis Xavier in De Pere.


If you have a veteran in your family who will be available to attend the Mass we would like to recognize each veteran present by name during a program after Mass. A small reception for the veterans will take place immediately following the Mass in the Dolski Center behind the church. If you have any questions please contact Miss Freeman: mfreeman@gracesystem.org or Jenny Kukiela: michael52@aol.com / 734-649-9951. Please fill out the form below and send it to the office so we can recognize the brave men and women that have served us all .



Friday Dress Down Day – $1 for Charity

The Random Acts of Kindness Club is raising money to buy fleece to make blankets for the children at St. Vincent Hospital. Students are asked to bring in a donation of $1 or more to be able to dress down on Friday, October 19th.

Fleece donations are also welcome!