Fundraising Information

Dear Notre Dame Families,
Welcome to the new school year at Notre Dame of De Pere!
As the school year begins so do the opportunities to get involved at the school! We have many wonderful activities throughout the year. Some are fund-raisers, some are fun-raisers, some are in support of our Athletics Department, teachers and staff, Home and School, and some to meet our Third Source Funding goal. ALL are to support Notre Dame of De Pere! We would not be such a fantastic school without the volunteer support of our school families!
While we welcome families to volunteer to any event that they are interested in, each grade is assigned two events where parents of that grade are expected to cover the volunteer needs. Please make every effort to help support the assigned events. Working these events will likely not get you to you’re the total number of fundraising service hours, so please also plan ahead to other events that work within your calendar. A small number of events have not been assigned to any grade because these events are so important to the school that we need the help of all grades!
For more detailed information on the below opportunities please check out the 2015-2016 Fundraising Handbook
School Wide volunteers are needed for:
The Kindergarten Class was assigned the following two events:
The 1st Grade Class was assigned the following event:
The 2nd Grade Class was assigned the following two events:
The 3rd Grade Class was assigned the following two events:
The 4th Grade Class was assigned the following two events:
The 5th Grade Class was assigned the following two events:
The 6th Grade Class was assigned the following two events:
The 7th Grade Class was assigned the following two events:
  • 8th Grade Discount Cards: More info later in the year
  • 7th Grade hosts 8th Grade Graduation Party: More info later in year
The 8th Grade Class was assigned the following two events:
For more information on volunteer and fundraising opportunities, please visit the Fundraising page of our school website:
The Events/Volunteers page of the Notre Dame website will give you links to all of the volunteer events:
In addition to volunteering to work the school events, there are opportunities to become part of several planning committees or leading events. Below is a list of some of those additional volunteer opportunities:
*St. Mary’s Picnic Lead – July 17, 2016
*Catholic School Week Lead – October thru January 2016
2 Parent representatives to work with 2 staff representatives – preparation time starts in October – mostly from home with some school and church – you pick the time of day. Past lead is willing to assist new leads as needed.
If you are interested in helping throughout the year with Marketing/PR please
*Catholic Schools Week Breakfast Lead – january 31 thru frbruary 6, 2016
Home and School: 
Please contact Jenny Kukiela if interested, email
*Muffins for Moms Lead – April 13, 2016
*Christmas SCRIP Lead – November/December
*Volleyball League Tournament – Co-leading the Volleyball Tournament – Notre Dame of De Pere is the host school for the Volleyball League Tournament held at NDA on Oct. 17th.  All money raised at the tournament will go toward our athletic department.
*March Madness – March 2016
Please note that at Notre Dame of De Pere, all K-8 two-parent families are expected to fulfill 24 school service hours. Single parent families are expected to fulfill 12 school service hours. It is requested that half of the service hours (12 hours for two parent families, 6 hours for single parent families) will be dedicated to some sort of fundraising activity – please refer to the list of activities on the Events/Volunteers page of the school website to clarify what counts as fundraising and non-fundraising activities.
For any questions concerning Fundraising Activities or Volunteer Opportunities, please contact Stacy Blahnik –
For any questions concerning Home and School Activities, please contact Jenny Kukiela – or Melanie Reince –
For any questions concerning Athletic Activities, please contact Lynn
For any questions concerning Marketing Activities, please contact Stacy
Thank you!!